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SOKOYO at the 8th Yangzhou Outdoor Lighting Exhibition

Update time:2019-04-02
Green leads the new direction of new lighting.
SOKOYO is a company specializing in solar outdoor lighting. It has been an old brand that has been in 
business for 11 years. It has been constantly seeking innovation in the field of outdoor lighting.
SOKOYO will continue to bring in new brand strategies and products, and jointly create a new model of solar street lighting industry brand with partners all over the world.

We, SOKOYO, Are Manufacturer, Focus On Solar Outdoor Lighting Since 2008.
If you want to know more about us, welcome to enter: www.solar-streetlamps.com
Or contact us directly, we are always at your service!
Tel: +86-514-87914128    Mail: market@sokoyo.com.cn

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