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Factors affecting the life of solar street lights

Update time:2019-04-23
Solar street lights work outdoors, and are greatly affected by natural conditions. In order to protect the service life of the system, it is necessary to improve its ability to resist wind, rain and snow. In use, you may encounter a short life span of solar street lights. What are the factors that affect the service life of solar street lights?
In general, the main factors affecting the life of rural solar street lamps are light sources, light source starters, solar controllers and batteries.

1. Illumination light source: Different light sources have different lifespans. The light sources that can be selected include low-pressure sodium lamps, low-voltage electrodeless lamps, LED lamps, and low-voltage fluorescent lamps. There are now more sodium and LED lights. The sodium lamp is cheap. Short life. LED lights are now of good quality at 50,000 hours, theoretically 10 hours a day, and can be used for more than 10 years. So first choose a good light source.
2, light source starter: different starting methods are different, need different ballasts or drive power lights. This part has a great influence on the light source. Especially LED light sources. It is now generally driven by a constant current source. It is important to check whether the constant current source is good or not and whether the parameter range is suitable for the light source. Mainly: constant current accuracy, output efficiency, protection circuit, parameter setting range, etc.
3. Solar controller: The solar street lamp system not only controls, monitors, and protects the working status of photovoltaic modules, batteries, and loads. While effectively controlling the working state of the battery, it also indirectly protects the load (solar street light), providing an effective and relatively stable working environment, especially in critical conditions such as insufficient battery or undervoltage operation. A controller with high accuracy and stable performance plays a key role. For example, sometimes a solar street light will work in a flashing state. This fault controller is one of the reasons. But not all the reasons.
4. Battery: Select a battery with stable performance. Moreover, the construction should be strict, and the accidental factors such as water ingress should be strictly prevented. Otherwise it will indirectly affect the life of the street lamp.

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