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What types of solar street lights are there?

Update time:2018-12-14
First, do the knowledge of solar streetlights. Under the control of intelligent controllers, solar panels in the daytime are illuminated by sunlight, absorb solar light and convert them into electric energy. During the day, the solar modules are charged to the battery pack, and the battery packs at night. Provides power to power the LED light source.

Solar street lights can be summarized as follows: (1) lithium battery solar street lights. (2) Battery solar street light. (3) The city's complementary solar street lights. (4) Wind and solar complementary solar street lights.
One: According to the working voltage of the solar street lamp, it is divided into: 12V system, 24V system, 36V system and 48V system. According to the battery type classification, it can be divided into: lead battery solar street lamp and lithium battery solar street lamp.
Two: Scenery complementary street lighting system: Bringing light to our night life. The beautiful street lights now decorate the city's nights. However, the street lamp is a large power consumer. Because the low-voltage transmission line of the street lamp is long, not only the street lamp consumes electricity, but also the power consumption on the transmission line is also large.
Three: Specification classification According to the height of solar street lights: 6 meters solar street lights, 7 meters solar street lights, 8 meters solar street lights, 10 meters solar street lights, 12 meters solar street lights.
Four: According to the type of light source: energy-saving high-power integrated LED, rare earth energy-saving lamps, can be configured according to customer requirements. Related Keywords: Solar Street Light Manufacturers.

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