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Lamp post workshop

Solar panel production process    
0.SOKOYO light pole production base, a total of 30 acres of land, with light pole production line 3 jump, the annual output value of 300,000 sets 1.Cut the plate in accordance with the upper and lower caliber of the poles 2.The cutting of the plate to suppress the coil 3.Welding the weld of the poles 
4.Correct the deformation of the poles during the winding process to prevent the displacement of the light pole 5.Light bar at the bottom of the flange production 6.The flange is welded to the lower diameter of the poles 7.Poles above the door for welding and production, the door can also be used since the door without welding
8.The polished parts of the poles are polished 9. The arm fixing screw is welded to the main pole 10.According to the size of the solar panel mounted solar panel size 11.According to customer requirements or drawings for street lamp arm welding
12.The entire poles are welded to the galvanizing plant for hot dip galvanizing 13.The galvanized poles are polished to remove the daisy 14.After the polished poles for the second correction, because the high temperature galvanized easy to deformation of the poles 15.Grind the galvanized arm bracket
16.According to the requirements of the customer's polished color spray powder, you can not spray directly after the polished poles for passivation 17.Put the polished powder into the oven 18.The roasted poles for packaging, packaging can be based on customer requirements, conventional we use blankets 19.Packed light poles shipped