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Welcome handsome and hard working Juan Marin from Mexico

Update time:2018-06-14
By Anny 
Friend Juan Marin came to visit Sokoyo solar lighting on December 23th, 2017, it is the first time he came to Yangzhou city, due to tight schedule, we just visited the solar panel workshop, showroom and solar street light pole factory.
In solar panel factory, Juan watched clearly every process with interest, took videos of the cell sorting, welding and testing, will compare the quality with his ex-supplier.
In showroom, there are solar panel (mono and poly), battery( gel and lithium), inverter, controller, lamps (solar and LED) etc samples, which showed what products Sokoyo manufacture, after visit, he believe we will have so much opportunity to cooperate in the near future. 
There is a 60w lamp named Sprite, another customer Sergio likes it so much, so Juan wanted to take a sample for him, but pity that we don’t have stock, so have to produce and send by DHL next week.
Smart Juan specks Chinese fluently, also can read and write Chinese, his company do solar power system in Mexico and will start to do solar street light soon, we discussed the solar street light market and our products on the way to hotel, with the best support from Sokoyo and their experience, we both believe it is a good chance for us to cooperate in the upcoming 2018.

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