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Solar panel workshop

Solar panel production process    
1.Solar cell sorting, the purchase of solar cells back through the first sorting device for sorting, according to power, color, performance classification, the defective solar cells returned to the supplier,we have 5 fully automatic solar cell separator 2.The selected solar cells according to the specifications of the order of the number of watts to cut, our company has two fully automatic solar cell cutting machine and six semi-automatic cutting machine 3.The cutting of solar cells for the second artificial sorting, the cutting process to pick out the rupture, and according to the solar cell color difference sorting 4.The sort of good solar cells for single welding and string welding, our company has four fully automatic single-welding machine
5.EVA panel, the back panel according to the size of the panel to cut 6.The string welding of solar cells for welding, the company has 10 sets of welding Taiwan 7.Welded good solar panels for the second EL test to detect whether the battery chip is hidden, collapse, invalid film, etc 8.After testing the unproblematic solar panel, the vacuum layer is pressed into the laminating machine,we currently have three automatic laminating machine, the daily output of 2000
9.Cut off the corners of the laminated solar panels 10. All sides of the solar panel with aluminum alloy frame 11.In the back of the solar cell welding positive and negative junction box, red on behalf of the cathode, black on behalf of the negative 12.Clean the surface of the solar panel
13.Perform a third solar panel performance test,check the panel's wattage, current, voltage is normal 14.The solar panels will be packed in cartons, 90W the following is a package of more than 90 t is a package of two, if the sample orders will be used in wooden box packaging 15.Solar panels in accordance with the order number shelves 16.Solar panels for loading and unloading